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At Epstein and Tuffanelli, we provide a wide range of surgical procedures for removal of benign and cancerous tumors.


Aging of the skin is an important concern for most of us. The number one cause of skin aging is exposure to the sun.

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Our mission is to provide patients with the highest level of clinical expertise in a professional, compassionate manner. Our dermatologists embrace the diversity that the great city of San Francisco has to offer, and we proudly treat all skin types, skin tones, and the entire spectrum of dermatologic needs. Whether you require the removal of cancerous skin cells to improve your health or a simple cosmetic procedure to improve your appearance and self-confidence, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the results you desire.

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Covid-19 Announcement for Epstein Tuffanelli Dermatology

We will be open daily from 9 am - 3 pm daily.
Emergency visits accepted.
We adhere to strict social distancing and sanitizing procedures. There will be no waiting in the waiting room.
We do not do Coronavirus testing.

We also will be available for Teledermatology or remote visits. These can be scheduled with our front desk or email [email protected]
Questions can also be addressed through our e-mail [email protected] Please leave your full name, date of birth, phone number, email, and a brief description of your issue. Allow 24-36 hours for response through e-mail.

If prescription refills needed please contact your pharmacy to contact us electronically

We value your patronage and wish all a healthy happy next few weeks. Stay healthy and looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Drs Lucia Tuffanelli, Judy Ng Richard Burroughs, Debra Altimus